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Toblerone - Be More Triangle

Video Editing & Post-Production

Short online content (6 and 15 seconds) for the Toblerone ‘Be More Triangle’ campaign.

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Project Summary

Together with a big team, I created short online content videos (6 and 15 seconds) for the Toblerone ‘Be More Triangle’ campaign.

Project Details




July 2022

Project Duration

1 Week

Visual Design

Toblerone is known for it’s yellow-gold chocolate packaging with the red ‘Toblerone’ logo. These are the main colours in the videos as well as choco brown for the product.

Yellow Gold
Choco Brown


Working together with a team of creatives on this campaign, I was responsible for the short online content. The full film was already finished and I had to create 15 seconds and 6 seconds versions which can be used online (e.g. advertising and socials). The editing is done in AfterEffects where I had to choose the right parts of the full-lenght video and fit them within the short timeline, change animations and replace footage during the creations.

For some shots I worked together with other Editors and a Colourist to get the shots in line with the rest of the video.

Team (A-Z)

Adam Kammin
Cherice Whewell
Marina Sol Frigerio
Nimo Awil

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