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Various projects regarding (video) content and digital products. 


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Various projects regarding (video) content and digital products.


Reconnected (Martini)

A 30-second commercial for a new Martini drink has been created to encourage people to choose time for friends.

ArchNOllie Social Content

Social content for the Australian company ArchNOllie which promote their ‘Children Beach Campaign’. 

Transavia 'Gek op Reizen'

Series for Transavia’s YouTube-Channel about different destinations, testing different things to do, see, eat and drink.

Transavia 'De Tijd Vliegt'

Series for Transavia’s YouTube-Channel about a child and a Transavia employee uniquely inspire each other.

Aperture Commercial

Perfume commercial for people who want to be young and are and a little rough. Produced from the concept to delivery.

Second Chance Commercial

Commercial to attractively selling second-hand clothing. Trying to bring second-hand clothing to the attention of various target groups.

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