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Transavia: De Tijd Vliegt

Video Editing and Post-Production

Series for Transavia’s YouTube-Channel about a child and a Transavia employee uniquely inspire each other.

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Project Summary

For a YouTube series from Transavia, a child and an adult sat opposite each other in an aeroplane seat. In every episode, young and old uniquely inspire each other.

Project Details


Transavia Airlines


April – May 2019

Project Duration

8 Weeks


Transavia wanted to create a series for their YouTube channel about their employees. The series’ purpose is to give an overall idea of what people at Transavia do and why they love what they are doing. In the series, a child and an adult sit opposite each other in an aeroplane seat. In every episode young and old uniquely inspire each other. Pilots, cabin attendants, technical services, management and curious children talk to each other about the aviation world, their interests and daily life.



Visual Design

Transavia uses their strong visual identity on every creation such as posters, guides and planes, but also for their online appearance. The visual identity has four main colours (green, blue, ruby red and champagne) and these are also used in the video series ‘Gek op Reizen’ for Transavia’s YouTube channel.

Ruby Red


I’ve edited 10 episodes in total and they can be seen online on Transavia’s YouTube-channel. During editing, I noticed that it was sometimes a bit difficult to make all episodes equal because the camera angles and lighting were slightly different every shoot.

I did a lot of post-production. The lights in the studio were sometimes a bit on the yellow side and I converted this to a neutral white background colour. Altogether, I think the result succeeded well in the end.


The Team

During the shoot, I was working, as a member of the Transavia crew, with another creative team, Happify (Swedish communication agency). A very pleasant collaboration where I learned a lot regarding production. In addition, curious children came along to participate in the recording. Working with children was also a very nice experience.

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