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Second Chance

Production, Video Editing and Post-Production

Commercial to attractively selling second-hand clothing to different target groups.

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Project Summary

A commercial to bring second-hand clothing to the attention to different target groups. Together with three other students, I worked on the concept and production. In this version, I’ve made the edit and did the post-production.

Project Details


Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, College Project


June 2018

Project Duration

4 Weeks

What is Second Chance?

Second Chance is a concept for attractively selling second-hand clothing. We try to bring second-hand clothing (vintage) to the attention to the various target groups (ranging from Generation Z to baby boomers). Because clothing certainly deserves a second chance, we have called the project ‘Second Chance’.

This is a school project which means that ‘Second Chance’ is not a real brand of ours.


Camera Gear

During this project, we used the RED Raven Camera, which I am very enthusiastic about, in combination with a tripod and shoulder rig. We mostly used the tripods for the steady- and wide shots but also filmed handheld footage to create a more dynamic look. (fixed lens, Sigma).


This project has several genres: “Slice of Life” is a story that represents daily life. It uses natural aspects. “Social” shows something with a contemporary background. The Romanticism and Urban genre are also emerging.


The product will have a positive appearance that encourages customers to purchase the presented products and make them think about second-hand clothing. It has a colourful atmosphere with the use of wide shots but also a lot of Depth of Field.


Starting from the rough editing, I continued with the original edit (see picture for timeline) in Davinci Resolve. I chose to edit the footage and the music together in a way it will ensure that the viewer continues to pay attention to the video. After this, I started working with the colour correction so that all images match up nicely.

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