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Burker - Social Content

Production, Video Editing & Post-Production

Social content videos for the new Nicky watches from Burker.

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Project Summary

For Burkers new watch (The Nicky), a few social videos has been created (Landscape and Vertical videos) to promote the watch. Created from briefing till final product and delivery.

Project Details


Burker Watches


September 2020

Project Duration

2 weeks


Burker asked to create multiple short social videos to promote their new Nicky watch. They wanted horizontal & vertical videos for their social media with a classy look and feel. I first came up with some test shots and colours to show the idea to the team and after this was approved, I created a shotlist.


The shooting day was planned a week later in a studio in Amsterdam (Studio Sarphaat) together with the Burker team and a model.



After arriving at Studio Sarphaat in Amsterdam, the Burker team and I set up the studio and lights so we could start filming right after we briefed the model.

During the shoot, I made sure the watches were fully visible as this was the main subject. I also made sure we had enough close-ups.



For this shoot I’ve used the Canon 75D with a 18-55mm and a 50mm lens (most close-ups). For some shots I’ve used a tripod  but some have been filmed handheld to create more movement (to avoid making the video too static) and for specific movement effects.


Edit & Post-Production

After the shooting day, I’ve made a selection of footage for each video so the editing process would run smoothly. After editing the 3 main videos together (10s, 12s and 15s), I had to do some colour correction as the shots were filmed in log-style. After that, I wanted to give the videos a bit of a vintage/sweet/warm vibe and did some colour grading too.


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