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Aperture Commercial

Production, Video Editing and Post-Production

Perfume commercial for people who want to be young and are and a little rough. Produced from the concept to delivery.

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Project Summary

A commercial has been created for the (non-existing) perfume ‘Aperture’. A perfume for people who want to be young and are and a little rough. Produced from the concept to delivery.

Project Details


Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, College Project


April 2018

Project Duration

5 Weeks


Aperture is a perfume that makes people feel younger. It is affordable for everyone but has a luxurious appearance. We tried to have this reflected in the video.

For this project, I made a commercial for the non-existent perfume ‘Aperture’. The specs of this assignment:

– Maximum length of 30 seconds

– For people who want to feel young or are a little rough.

This is a school project which means that ‘Aperture’ is not a real product.


Camera Gear

During the shooting day, we paid attention to the lighting and the whitening of the camera. This time we worked with the Canon 77D. Because we were filming on location, I thought it was important to make several shots for each scene. As a result, the shooting days took a little longer, but we did have the images we wanted.


In the storyboard, you can see what kind of shots the team and I have come up with. Both close-ups and wide-shots are coming back in the video. The video was recorded at different locations so we were quite dependent on the specific scenes and shots.

Visual Design

Transavia uses their strong visual identity on every creation such as posters, guides and planes, but also for their online appearance. The visual identity has four main colours (green, blue, ruby red and champagne) and these are also used in the video series ‘Gek op Reizen’ for Transavia’s YouTube channel.

Dark Grey
Sky Grey

Montage and Post

I have paid a lot of attention to colour during post-production. The video is, as you can see, edited in black and white. I did this to convey a rough image and to create a video that fits well together using different locations. Also when editing black and white, I paid attention to the amount of light in the shot and adjusted where necessary.


In this project, I mainly learned how-to-deal with a black and white video and changing the lighting in post-production. A very successful project.

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